If Elected As Your Deputy In St Lawrence

These will be my promises to you:

  • I will represent you to the best of my ability and will make sure your voice is heard in government.
  • I will listen to people and businesses in the Parish to understand the different challenges they face and will work with you to see if they can be overcome.
  • I will be accessible and approachable and will keep you informed about matters before the States that could impact you, your family and your friends.

  • I am used to a busy schedule and will actively communicate via email and social media but I also believe there is great value in meeting face-to-face, so I will also hold monthly surgeries around the Parish to give everyone the opportunity to speak with me about the issues that matter most to them. 
  • I will encourage community and political participation, including investigating the possibility of opening a ballot box in the south of the Parish, possibly at Bel Royal school. 

Issues and projects that I’d like to work on include:

  • I support the Parish-wide speed limit review and will work with the Parish authorities, village residents, businesses and the Infrastructure Department to find solutions to improve safety and encourage pedestrians and cyclists in and around St Lawrence Village, Carrefour Selous and Bel Royal. 
  •  I’ll do all I can to protect the natural beauty and environment of our Parish.   

Working as your Deputy

  • I'd like to find ways to work together as a Parish to protect St Lawrence’s coastline and keep it free of litter. 
  • I'll look into the possibility of creating a new Parish nature park in St Lawrence Valley (Waterworks Valley). I believe the valley is an enormous natural asset and I’d like to explore this idea with residents, landowners, the Parish authorities and environmental organisations. 

In the States

  • I want to strengthen the scrutiny process by bringing a level of analysis and questioning that is too often absent from our democratic process. 
  • The role of Deputy includes islandwide issues, and although I'll be happy to do all that is asked of me, my priority is and will remain you, the Parishioners of St Lawrence.

Engagement with the Island Plan

  • The upcoming review of the Island Plan will result in decision making that will affect all of us and the quality of our lives. It's therefore vital that the views of the people of St Lawrence are heard by the States.
  • We will need to think about protection of the countryside, affordable and sheltered housing as well as transport and business zoning, all of which will be important to maintain a healthy society and economy.
  • To give weight to our voices, I'd like to see the Parish set up a representative working group that will ensure the views of Parishioners are collected and taken into account in the Planning process.