As a Deputy in the States, I will:

  • Hold the government to account as a member of scrutiny and in the States chamber. 
  • Ensure the government is listening to the people of Jersey and that the right questions are asked of Ministers in debate.
  • Bring a collaborative rather than divisive attitude to the States. I will work with Members of all political leanings to help them when they are proposing policies and solutions that are genuinely good for the island.
  • I will use my vote to protect people’s rights and will use my position to encourage the government to work for the benefit of all islanders.

Challenges that we are facing

  • I want to ensure the government stays focused on cost of living issues, including housing. The island has not developed a feasible affordable housing strategy and this is stifling the lives of young people and families.
  • The transformation to a digitally enabled society is an enormous challenge that requires the government to protect islanders whilst we increasingly use digital technologies. I'll make sure that your privacy and security are top of the agenda.

Working together we can succeed

  • Population is a major issue that cannot be left to emotive arguments. We need to face the fact that businesses must improve productivity if we are to deal with population without damaging the economy.
  • We must face up to the effects and responsibilities of an ageing population. Homecare and the opportunity to live in sheltered housing should be available to us all, so we can enjoy our old age with dignity and happiness.

Jersey must put itself first

  • Islanders had no say in the Brexit referendum, so our government must ensure that there is as little change as possible to the shape of our relationship with Europe.
  • Given the uncertainties created by the UK's decision, Jersey must look to strengthen its own relationships with its European neighbours.
  • We must look for trade and commerce opportunities in France and Europe, particularly if the cost of living continues to rise as a result of the UK's decision to leave the EU.

The economy supports us all

  • Jersey's needs to increase productivity if it is also going to effectively manage the population.
  • Jersey is still overly reliant on the finance sector and needs to diversify, whilst continuing to offer conditions that enable the strongest pillar of our economy to thrive.
  • I support the promotion and growth of our digital industries but will support moves that encourage investment across sectors with a view to boosting economic growth.

Raising the value of our environment

  • I love Jersey's unique countryside, coastline and marine environment and will support moves to ensure the protection of these unique assets is prioritised.
  • We must ensure that the majority of development is focused on urban areas and that the countryside is there for everyone to enjoy. 
  • It should be easier for households and businesses to become more environmentally friendly. From renewable energy to sustainable construction and electric cars. I believe we need to be more innovative in our approach to minimising our effect on the environment.