About Kirsten

My Background

My roots in St Lawrence run deep.

Not only is it the parish where I lived throughout my childhood but I still call it 'home', and today, feel incredibly fortunate to be able to share it with my wonderful wife and daughter.

I'm passionate about Jersey and over the course of my life, have seen the island become more engaged with the rest of the world. This has brought us many benefits including a strong economy and a more diverse society. However, we face plenty of challenges and need realistic and open government if we are to continue our island's success.

My Work and Education

I run a successful business, writing articles and content for companies and magazines around the globe. I specialise in writing about technology and finance, subjects that keep me connected to the wider world and its ever-changing technological landscape.

I'll always be grateful for the fantastic education that Jersey gave me (I was a student at Bel Royal School, Victoria College, Atlantic College (Intl Bac.), Birmingham University (BA hons French/English), Strasbourg University and the Open University (PG Dip Environmental Decision Making)). I want to use all I have learned to give back to our island to make sure we succeed in dealing with the challenges that lie ahead.

My Approach

I want to put people back into government.

I believe that Jersey's greatest quality is the strength of our community. We're a small island, so we need to work together and avoid division.

Sadly, Jersey's government has grown distant from the people. I want to put that right and, if elected, my priority will be to use my skills and experience gained from business and family life, to ensure that everyone in St Lawrence feels they’re being fairly and effectively represented in the States of Jersey. 

I am proud and grateful that these people chose to nominate me:


Sue Hardy

Bernard Birch

Tina Palmer

Derrick Frigot

Iris Le Feuvre

John Pallot

Steve Bouchard

Rose Luce

Nick Carter

David Young